Reporting, Revenue, and Advertising Updates – Quick Tip, December 2017

Today we’re pleased to announce several enhancements to the Quick Tip electronic leads platform. They are Reporting, Revenue and Advertisements.

Feeling Competitive?

Check the Leaderboard with Reporting and Revenue

Find it under “My Tips” (link icon)

reporting and revenue

Several days after a tip is sent, Quick Tip sends an email asking for an update on progress and results. If the tip generated business, Quick Tip asks for the resulting revenue. This information is combined and  presented along with:

  • the overall number of tips sent and received,
  • the number of inside tips,
  • the number of outside tips, and
  • the top tippers and receivers

You can filter this new intel by time different time periods, and (if you belong to multiple groups) can view results for all your groups or specific groups.

The original “My Tips” information is still available. Just click My Tips just to the right of “Group Activity.”

Great Exposure

Admins: add Announcements, Advertisements, etc.

Find it under “Groups” (people icon)


Many have asked for a place to advertise, promote or announce.

  • Upcoming event?
  • Important announcement?
  • Platform sponsor?

Now you have a prime position to promote them.

Add an image. Add a link. That’s all you need to do.

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