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Quick Tip Fans

You’re going to love it too!

Its quick and easy. And for me that’s saying something!!!!!

Patti W.

Patti W.

recovering technophobe

Convenient and efficient. This app makes it so easy to share leads with others in our group. I was amazed at how quickly I was contacted after sending my first tip, literally within 5 minutes. This is how people should do business. It is fantastic!

Lisa B.

Lisa B.

tickled purple

I have been using Quick Tip for only a few weeks!! This program is a must!! You will never loose another piece if paper with a lead on it.. Your phone is all you need! Reach out to Phil McKeown. He is very knowledgeable and dependable. Must try this program you will not be disappointed!

Kelly W.

Kelly W.

Welcome Wagon

QuickTip really makes lead sharing and tracking leads super easy. I really think it’s responsible for an increase in the number of leads shared by our group.

Stuart P.

Stuart P.

SEO Consultant